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For over 15 years we have been importing beads from across the world, in particular from India and Italy. We operate our wholesale business from Normandy, where we have our warehouse, workshop and office.With the harmony of colours and sizes in mind, our range of beads has been conceived to respond to the needs of jewellery creation and to create a feast for the eyes when displayed. Most of the beads made for Metissage in India as well as some of our Italian metal beads are made to our own specification. Communicating our ideas to our manufacturers and finding innovative ideas lies at the heart of our efforts. We have recently published our first book where you will find designs, general beading ideas, beading tips and step by step instructions to re-create the designs made with our beads.

Metal beads

Most shops have been opened by true bead enthusiasts. We are grateful to have been chosen to be their main supplier and are delighted to see our beads enhanced by the creative displays and original jewellery designs. We are also thankful to those who share their passion and all their ideas by teaching beading classes. In short we thank all those who support and foster the “beading culture”.

Indian glass beads

Our Indian glass beads range in size from 4 mm – 30 mm. Our collection offers around 100 different shapes. Each shape comes in 23 different colours for beads in transparent glass and 18 different colours in opaque glass. Part of our collection is also available in frosty and iridescent finishes. Lately we have increased our collection of fancy beads.
We sell 200gm and 250gm bags of mixed beads in assorted colours at a discounted price. ( To know more click on the photo )

Natural materials

Beads made from natural materials
Beads made from bone, horn or resins are sourced from India and the Philippines.( To know more click on the photo )


Imported from Hong Kong; most findings come with a silver or copper finish.
Tiger tail (USA), cotton thread (India), crimps (France)

Wooden display trays


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